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Jun 9, 2014

Do you like running?

I do. I mean, I don't.

I like the idea of running. I love the feeling after a run: it feels like I accomplished something and I deserve a pat on my back. I enjoy the scenery, the music in my ears, the fact that all the thoughts that I have live in a limbo that's destroyed as soon as I stop.

Sometimes I even like the actual running part.

But oh if there are some things I dislike. I dislike the part of thinking about the actual running: not the romanticized idea of putting one foot after the other in rapid succession to feel better afterwards but the gloomy thoughts of having to leave the comfort of my house and go do something I might as well not do. I dislike the weather: unless it's an early summer morning it's either too damn cold or too damn warm. There are times I hate running: nobody enjoys being out of breath, pain in the spleen area, hurting feet, legs and calves.

Still, whenever I can / find the strength to do so, I run.

Because, in some peculiar way, the act of pointlessly putting one foot after the other in rapid succession has some deep and cathartic meaning behind it – a sort of metaphor of what life is.

May 30, 2014

To understand Beats you need to understand Lady Gaga

Jimmy Iovine sees the opportunity in changing the game and “building a communication between a fan and an artist.” In other words Beats Music is not yet another streaming service designed to sell music, but a platform for artists to build businesses and “sell everything but music” as Troy Carter says.

Smartest and most interesting thing you'll read about the Apple – Beats deal.

May 27, 2014

The Fermi Paradox

Depending on where The Great Filter occurs, we’re left with three possible realities: We’re rare, we’re first, or we’re fucked.

My mind is blown. If you care about the universe and read one thing this whole month, let it be this one.

This was shared by the great @diegopetrucci in our shared newsletter, The Backseat Companion. You should definitely subscribe.

ps: Thanks to @linuz90, I had completely missed this one.

May 15, 2014

Thomas Was Alone for iPad

I totally did not expect this. Thomas Was Alone is one of my favorite indie games ever and it's now available on the iPad. If you haven't already played, go grab it immediately.

Thomas Was Alone

Now I'm just waiting for my favorite game ever (VVVVVV) to come to the iPad soon.

May 6, 2014

Apple Stores Innovator's Dilemma

[...] the truth is that Apple doesn’t sell phones (or computers or tablets); they sell iPhones. And iPhones are not just hardware, but also the software that runs on them. But even that is missing the whole picture. To buy an iPhone is to buy into an experience that includes everything from advertising to following the news to visiting a store to buying a phone to unboxing to downloading apps to visiting a genius and so on and so forth.

It’s no accident that the Apple Store appears twice in that sequence.

I can only nod to what Ben Thompson says, as usual. This time is on the central role the Apple Store plays in the whole Apple experience.

May 4, 2014

Leo’s Fortune - Review


I haven’t been writing much here on the surfernerd, but I will make you forgive me by telling you about Leo’s Fortune.

It’s a platform game for iPad and iPhone that does everything right, and I mean everything.

The graphics are absolutely top notch and the art direction is just as good (it’s a pleasure to look at this game). There is a hint of a story told by a Russian-like english voice and the gameplay is fun and difficult without becoming frustrating: it’s a mix of platform gaming and simple puzzles to solve. Going onwards with the adventure introduces new environments and game mechanics in an organic way that just feels right.

If this wasn’t enough to convince you, the game is 24 levels long, with absolutely no in-app purchases of any kind and a high level of replayability (if you’re into completing games 100%).

It’s only 4.49€ and in my opinion is one of the best games on iOS, so go grab it.

Apr 16, 2014

Google Camera

Google just released this neat camera app for Android 4.4 devices with an updated UI that works quite well (with a big shoot button) and three features: Photo Spheres, Panorama Mode, Lens Blur1.

For some reason I’ve been able to test just the last one (the most interesting in my opinion): it lets you change the depth of field (and amount of focus in the picture) and focus and re-focus2 just like the Lytro does (both fun and useless).

google camera

What surprised me the most is the actual quality of the photo: there’s no way around it, the Moto G’s camera sucks terribly but with the Google Camera I was able to take (in dim lighting) a photograph that definitely doesn’t look like it was taken with my phone.

Now I just wish I could make Google Camera the default camera in my phone. Thanks to @andpizzolato and @andreamitrani for pointing out that I can, and it's actually quite easy.

Bravo, Google.

Apr 10, 2014

OS1 Wallpaper

My current iPad wallpaper, courtesy of Mantia.


via @linuz90

Apr 6, 2014


Water from Morgan Maassen on Vimeo.

a brief odyssey into the world that i cherish most.

Morgan Maassen is a great photographer and videographer and this video is something out of this world. I love water and I love the ocean and I find myself starting at this video with my jaw wide open several times a day.

It featured this morning in The Backseat Companion newsletter1: if you didn’t receive it for any reason, you can read it on Medium too.

Apr 2, 2014

How I Met Your Mother Finale

Watch out: following the links will bring you spoilers so go on only if you finished the show. I’ll keep it spoiler free here

So to sum it up, if you rewatched this show, […] it becomes a beautiful story of how life can be pretty frekin rough, how you can be the greatest guy on earth, and yet getting knocked down over and over again, but still get back up on your feet every damn time.

This struck too close to home right now. If you finished watching HIMYM, chokyx has a great reconstruction of the finale, based on his experience: I find it spot on.

A lot of people always bashed HIMYM, a pop series that dragged for long (too long) and as such had very high and very low moments.

I know that the finale made sense and it was a great ending in its premises, not in its current form (the last five minutes are too cramped and the audience didn’t have the time to process everything).

All in all it was a tv show (remember it’s a sitcom, not Breaking Bad) with great and relatable characters that kept me company for years on end.

If you want something more to read, this delves into “the show’s oddly insular conception of friendship” (pay attention: spoilers).