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Apr 16, 2014

Google Camera

Google just released this neat camera app for Android 4.4 devices with an updated UI that works quite well (with a big shoot button) and three features: Photo Spheres, Panorama Mode, Lens Blur1.

For some reason I’ve been able to test just the last one (the most interesting in my opinion): it lets you change the depth of field (and amount of focus in the picture) and focus and re-focus2 just like the Lytro does (both fun and useless).

google camera

What surprised me the most is the actual quality of the photo: there’s no way around it, the Moto G’s camera sucks terribly but with the Google Camera I was able to take (in dim lighting) a photograph that definitely doesn’t look like it was taken with my phone.

Now I just wish I could make Google Camera the default camera in my phone. Thanks to @andpizzolato and @andreamitrani for pointing out that I can, and it's actually quite easy.

Bravo, Google.

Apr 10, 2014

OS1 Wallpaper

My current iPad wallpaper, courtesy of Mantia.


via @linuz90

Apr 6, 2014


Water from Morgan Maassen on Vimeo.

a brief odyssey into the world that i cherish most.

Morgan Maassen is a great photographer and videographer and this video is something out of this world. I love water and I love the ocean and I find myself starting at this video with my jaw wide open several times a day.

It featured this morning in The Backseat Companion newsletter1: if you didn’t receive it for any reason, you can read it on Medium too.

Apr 2, 2014

How I Met Your Mother Finale

Watch out: following the links will bring you spoilers so go on only if you finished the show. I’ll keep it spoiler free here

So to sum it up, if you rewatched this show, […] it becomes a beautiful story of how life can be pretty frekin rough, how you can be the greatest guy on earth, and yet getting knocked down over and over again, but still get back up on your feet every damn time.

This struck too close to home right now. If you finished watching HIMYM, chokyx has a great reconstruction of the finale, based on his experience: I find it spot on.

A lot of people always bashed HIMYM, a pop series that dragged for long (too long) and as such had very high and very low moments.

I know that the finale made sense and it was a great ending in its premises, not in its current form (the last five minutes are too cramped and the audience didn’t have the time to process everything).

All in all it was a tv show (remember it’s a sitcom, not Breaking Bad) with great and relatable characters that kept me company for years on end.

If you want something more to read, this delves into “the show’s oddly insular conception of friendship” (pay attention: spoilers).

Apr 1, 2014


I love the work the guys at Typeform do (I mean, they’re in Barcelona – how could they not do an awesome work) and this makes no exception.

Everything you see in the Form Invaders was built using TypeGame. It’s easy to make fun and engaging games that look great and work on a variety of platforms, just like a Typeform.

Mar 26, 2014


We have a healthy relationship with profanity. We obtain our full measure of utility from it, as an emotive and an intensifier, a defuser and a restorer of perspective. More importantly, it’s a joyous thing. There’s such relish in a properly-prepared and skilfully wielded curse word. It’s like exquisite seasoning for language.

As with all things, profanity is good when used “right”. Don’t repress yourself, don’t use it as a replacement for a poor vocabulary. That’s it.

via @soldni.

Mar 18, 2014

Geek. Not chic.

Getting this product right is extremely difficult and the timing is also crucial, because now more than ever Apple needs to get it right. The anticipation and pressure from the media is reaching a point that a product fiasco at this juncture could have a dramatic impact on Apple. And there are so many variables to consider, which is what makes the wearables category such a risky operation. My guess is as good as yours, but I believe that whatever device Apple introduces, it’s going to be something unassuming at first, something that will make pundits think that Apple’s playing safe. Something that will not feel exactly like a tremendous breakthrough. But that will gather strength, features and scope by iterative refinements. And, of course, that won’t appeal only to geeks.

But I still hope to have my mind utterly blown.

Plus, everything @morrick writes is just too good.

Mar 12, 2014

You’re not alone


You are what you Tweet, and it turns out that many of us tweet the same ways on the same days.

People are hungover mostly on January’s Tuesdays. Good to know.

Mar 12, 2014

Ernest Cline is the luckiest geek alive


“Whenever I watch The Matrix, I think that it is possible, but I don’t think that it’s going to be machines enslaving humans," Cline says. "I think humans would willingly enslaves themselves because we now have the technology to create a reality better than the one into which we were born. Here, we can control everything.”

Although this quote has nothing to do with the rest of the article, I found the article enjoyable and this quote makes you think how willing we are to give up additional increments of freedom for comfort.

Also, Ready Player One is a fantastic book (not great literature but definitely great entertainment) and I can’t wait for Armada.

Mar 10, 2014

Up Coffee


Pair with UP by Jawbone to find out if afternoon pick-me-ups keep you awake at night, by how much, and what you can do to sleep more soundly. Don’t have an UP band? No problem. UP Coffee is for all.

From the makers of the Jawbone Jambox and the Jawbone Up (spoiler: I have both, I love these guys) comes an useful app for the Coffee addict like me.

The design is truly delightful, let’s see how useful it will be when paired with the Jawbone Up I wear every day and night. I will let you know in a couple days’ time.